My name is Ea Polman, and I am an artistic designer specializing in crafting immersive interior designs and captivating graphic compositions.

My design approach is a marriage of tactile finesse and striking visual elements. This fusion results in creations that are both invitingly soft to touch and visually arresting. I have honed my craft in a broad spectrum of areas, including interior design encompassing walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and furniture, as well as graphic design spanning signage, books, and illustrations.

At the heart of my work lies the belief that beauty has the power to transform our surroundings into meaningful spaces. Whether it's enhancing workplaces, dining areas, healthcare settings, or educational environments, infusing beauty fosters a profound connection with our senses, bodies, and the world around us. In a fast-paced and intricate world, I recognize the importance of nurturing focus through a harmonious blend of practical visual solutions and aesthetics.

My journey has been enriched with a wealth of experience in translating ideas into tangible realities, both in my independent projects and through collaborations. I've collaborated with architects, fashion designers, interior experts, and visual artists, showcasing my work at prestigious platforms like Biennales and museums. Moreover, I contribute to the creative growth of others by guiding students in materialization processes at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

Meeting new individuals and embracing novel challenges fuel my passion for design. My dedication to my craft and the transformative potential of design is boundless. If you're seeking a designer who blends artistry with practicality, let's connect and explore the possibilities.