What I
can do for you.


Material Surfaces

Allow me to create tactile and colorful material surfaces for your interior space. Think walls, floors, windows, ceilings and room dividers. Our sense of well-being is strongly connected to our immediate environment. The material world connects us to our senses, which in turn connect us to our bodies and the people around us. Allow me create an environment where people thrive!


Textile Innovation Textile Brands

Let me uncover the potential of your technique and/or materials by creating textiles that amplify the strenghts of your brand. Combined with my sense of textures&colors and my commitment to over-deliver we can create exciting new textiles together. 


Playful Creative Identities 

Looking at the sum of your projects, I will analyze your work and find the perfect way to present it to your clients. Each presentation should have its own quality that underscores the quality of your work. The vision of your practice will be palpable between the pages where text and images swirl around each other.



Let me lead the way! I truely enjoy thinking about spaces and the way they make us move. Clarity frees up the mind to enjoy the moment.



If you want your space to spark joy and excitement, let me design it for you! Materials and colors bring a space to life and make it a place where people want to spend their time.


Technical workshops and production aid

Looking to learn something new or struggling with materializing your designs? I master over 30 textile techniques that revolve around applying images to textiles, constructing textiles and coloring textiles. I have access to numerous facilities from screen printing to tufting to embroidery machines, dyeing and knittingmachines. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.

Working  at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute has taught me that everyone knows. Different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines overlap in themes, theory and materials. Sharing knowledge generiously leads to discovering the world as a whole.